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Madonna= Pure Brilliance!. Madonna is a Pop musical artist who expresses her self greatly with her music and other talents such as dancing and acting. she has many hit songs such as: Everybody, Holiday, like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Ray Of Light, Frozen, Music, What it feels like for a Girl, American Life, Hollywood, Die Another Day. and many more.

> by:Madonnas #1 Fan!!!
"Wow did you hear that new Madonna song?? Man she is amazing!"
by Brandon H September 25, 2005
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sweet as hell
high as be bitch
dude i'm so golden.
by brandon h June 18, 2003
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An insult towards you and your mom pretty much saying your stupid and so is your mom and you have here genes...
>>Man your dumb!
--Well at least my mom doesnt go to collage
>>I think its your female parental unit attends a post-secondary institution
by Brandon H May 24, 2005
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