2 definitions by BramT

interjection indicates a strong feeling of distrust towards the other party's responses or claims. Used to call bullshit on someone's claims.
Ryan: I'm not touching or moving anything on your desk.
Ebi: GHOSTS OF YOUR PATERNAL AUNT! I just saw you grab a box of matches. Put it back!
by BramT April 11, 2021
To say nice things about someone to woo them and win their favour or interest.

Originally used literally to denote a testicle massage solicited by a medical professional. Later usage: rubbing one's balls to a high sheen, often for vanity or aesthetic purposes.

Collocations: give one a ballrub, a fundamental bullrub
He tried ballrubbing her into posting ads and shoutouts on her Instagram page but she flipped him off.

I had to ballrub my dad to get him to let me use his Netflix.
by BramT November 7, 2019