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A condition of uncontrolled (and often excessive) borborygmi and flatulence (similar in nature to "Swamp Ass") that is often the result of eating too many hard boiled eggs and sitting in confined spaces to let it brew. A saphylitic individual is so careful as to not let the flatus pass in mixed company that when the malodorous gas is finally leaked (sometimes accompanied by a shart), it is of the most foul and despicable essence. A person afflicted with this disorder is usually one who would otherwise avoid being perceived as someone capable of such a revolting olfactory emanation, such as a pretty girl or a well-groomed gentleman. A carrier of saphylis is rarely to be trusted, as he/she uses his/her charm to immediately place blame on other "less savory" individuals, the pet, or a stink bomb.
Eric, who suffered from chronic saphylis, moved his desk near the restroom so that he could mask his swamp ass with the odors coming from the toilets.
by Brainwasher March 02, 2009
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