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From a purely Darwinian evolutionary perspective, it can be shown that the city of Winnipeg (and for that matter practically all of Manitoba) is full of stupid people; An entire province full of brain-dead idiots and morons, descended from a long line settlers who were obviously too mentally retarded to leave this place after their first winter here.

The smart people, upon arriving in Manitoba, took a look at the utter desolation of the land, the complete lack of scenery, the summertime bugs, the agonizing miserable Arctic hell-hole winters, shook their heads and said "See ya!" and immediately headed South. The stupid people stayed and started a dirty, crime-ridden, bleak and miserable city that must surely be the most depressing place in Canada to live in.

The fact that there are any people living in this miserable awful place at all, when there are so very very many better places to live on this planet, proves that there must be something very lacking in their intelligence. (Mine too, I guess, though I am trying to leave!)
Smart settler: "Hmm. 6 months of intolerable winter, 3 months of miserable spring/fall weather, 3 months of mosquito infested summer."

Dumb settler": "Duh... looks good, eh? Look at dat purdy tree! I call it Winnipeg!"

Smart settler: "Yeah, ok. Good luck with that. I'm outa here!"
by Brain-dead Winnipegger January 31, 2008

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