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a spicy, familiar, complementary, and friendly way to refer to a hotass latina lady (best when applied to colombian); to really let her know how much you like her, try calling her "mami chula" -- if she gives half a flying shit about you, she should at least answer back with a "papi chulo"
"Hey Baller, who's that friend of yours with the great smile and Reece Witherspoon haircut?" "Oh, that's my mami chula."
by Bradford A April 18, 2003

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term for a female who reminds you in some way of both a skank and a whore, and you don't want to have to choose between skank and whore, so you combine them to form this incredible word; she may choose to go braless with a thin wifebeater on, she may also apply self-tanner in a ridiculously cheap and blotchy fashion, she also may seem to have an oral fixation as she either has a dip in or more seeds than a baseball player can fit in his mouth. This leads the astute urban dictionary man to one conclusion: that bitch is a skankwhore.
Listen Gina, I already told you that I don't want to give you a Cleveland Steamer, and didn't you just fuck the fat plummer because he said your teeth weren't "that" yellow? You're just a skankwhore.
by Bradford A April 15, 2003

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this is shorthand for the hottest chick at U of Chicago; now, while you may balk and declare, "there are no hotass chicas at Chicago; they're all nasty recluse bitches!" -- well, I am telling you otherwise. She likes to b-cup it down the street, wear beaded thongs, buy 400 dollar dior belts, and have sex in Regenstein Library. Yes, she might not have the cleanest record with the guys (she was nardified), but she does take care of herself, get waxed on a frequent basis, and eat at least one meal a day.
Do you know any chick that will model any vs lingerie I buy for her? Most certainly -- beeps.
by Bradford A April 18, 2003

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