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Noun; Another word for a Vagina.
Damn bro, I can't wait to beat up that DICK TUNNEL.
by BozZ December 14, 2012

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Anti-Chav's are those that invented the term Chav as a derogatory term to those that bullied them in school. Anti-Chav's are usually spineless people who talk about the chav's in Internet discussion forums, Internet messege boards and around their friends because they never have the balls to stand up for themselves when they were being picked on at school.

Anti-Chavs Believe that when they talk about the chav's behind their backs they are doing the world good but in fact are only making themselves look more spineless because categorizing seems to be the in thing at the moment.

Anti-Chavs are usually but not exclusively Indie fans, Goths and all those that strive to be different by doing the same as everyone else who is trying to be different

see irony
Person #1: "I hate chav's"
Person #2: "Me Too"
Person #1: "I hate Chav's"
Person #2: "Me too"

Notice how nothing is ever done about it!
by Bozz January 20, 2005

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