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An expression used to show frustration, hopelesses, sadness, annoyence and so on and so forth.
Pronounced Eye- Yii- Yii
"Damn, I have so much work. Ay yi yi."
"Fred fell down the stairs AGAIN? Ay yi yi."
by Bowser13 February 15, 2008
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Cunt, Bitch, Fuck, really any swear you can cover up with this word when you're angry, and you'll confuse people because they think you're shouting out an article of clothing.
While normally an insult, it can be used to describe the action of Sex, or to admire someones good looks when with a group of friends, but not to said attractive person.
SOK! I just spilled my drink everywhere!
Dude, I just sok'd my girlfriend last night!
Hey, look at him/her, he/she's so sok!
by Bowser13 February 14, 2008
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