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A legal wedding, performed by a Justice of the Peace (hence, JoP), typically so that the couple is recognized by the law and can garner the benefits of marriage. JoP weddings are very common among US service members who might not have time to organize wedding celebrations before training or deployments. Oftentimes, a traditional wedding celebration with a religious official, wedding ceremony and reception takes place months or even years later.
Since we had a JoP wedding, we have two wedding anniversaries. My husband said I have to pick one anniversary to celebrate, so each year I pick the anniversary for which Uncle Sam has NOT sent him to training or Afghanistan.
by Booklover January 15, 2013

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a short hand version of hooked,means addicted or a cant get enough of can something,also can mean sprung
Im so hookt on this new tv show.
My man got me hookt
by booklover July 19, 2008

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something that is intellectually deep
The conversation my professor and I had yesterday was very phephermescent.
by BookLover August 18, 2013

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