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The term used to describe people who are not straight, bisexual, gay, or a-sexual. This group of people are those who enjoy the company of a book rather than actual human contact. It can also mean those people who see themselves in an emotional and/or romantic relationship with fictional and/or non-fictional characters from books, based on their own mental image of the character. Because they create a perfect companion through this character, real people no longer seem attractive.
Girl 1: I'm not actually attracted to you...
Boy: Why not?
Girl 2: Well, hadn't you heard... she's a-sexual-
Girl 1: Like a plant!
Boy: ... Ok, you're weird... So Girl 2, you want to go out with me then?
Girl 2: No thanks.
Boy: Well why not?
Girl 2: I'm a librosexual.
by Book-Lover-17_is_-dead:( June 17, 2013
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