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A referense to an illigit bussiness, usually the drug game. Can also mean the entire thug lifestyle.
-also, the ability one possesses to "sweet talk" a female.
-also also Dr. Dre's new artist and
G Units new member.
MA nigga, i'm, comin up in the game
by Boogy Bee April 12, 2004

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a straight up gangsta sporting large platnum chains, rings, and the whole sha-bang-bang. This man is usually on top of the drug game or some otha illigitamit bussiness because Bill Gates sure as hell aint no Baller...
-Also one who is tallented in B-ball. I personally think calling a B ball player a baller is a waste of a good term.
pimpin aint easy, but ballin is...
by Boogy BEE April 12, 2004

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