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the hottest guy around, with sexy hair thats curly when its long and straight when its short, and the most kissable lips a girl could dream about! will do anything to see his girl smile, and is the best shoulder to cry on or the best chest to lay on ;). He has a heart of gold and will do almost anything for the ones he cares about (you would be blessed to be apart of those few)! a sexy beast that will stomp a nigga for messing with his chica, and then pout like a puppy if she doesn't let him have his way with her. Is prince charming in every way. <3 loves sweet and sour sauce and ketchup on almost everything. Is exotic and supper sexy when he speaks spanish. Every man wishes he could be him and every girl wishes she could have him! no other exists on the planet, so if you find one, you better hold on to him forever, because he only gets better as time goes on... :)
girl:"I should dump my boyfriend and find a Leovanny"
by Booger19 November 28, 2011
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