1 definition by Boof_bro

The type of person that you are simply sleeping with yet thinks that you’re legitimately together. Becomes friends with all of your friends, assumes the role of your bf/gf, likes every single comment left on your Facebook/Instagram and leaves a comment on every post so their territory is marked all over social media with the intentions of convincing everyone else you’re together and making sure it is known that they’ve been to your home multiple times, they know your dog, your mom, all of your friends, exes, uncles, brothers, sisters, 2nd cousins, etc.

Pretends to want to keep it “casual”, yet continuously “forgetting” items at your house until they accumulate and they’ve suddenly moved in with you.
“Bro, that chick is a stage-5 clinger, my friend hooked up with her once and she moved in the next day
by Boof_bro November 6, 2018