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I'm getting a migraine. I think it's a preaction to the staff meeting we have scheduled at work tomorrow.
by BonnieG January 15, 2007
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An obsession with Googling, self-Googling, or otherwise using the Google search engine to answer all of life's questions.
Okay, seriously. He's been Googling so much lately that I swear he's got the googlitis. It's truly getting unhealthy, yo.
by BonnieG February 24, 2006
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The act of using the Google search engine to look yourself up. Extreme cases of self-googling have resulted in googlitis.
I was dying to know how many different ways people could find me on the Internet, so I did a little self-googling in order to count. Sadly, I'm not nearly as popular as the other person out there with my exact name.
by BonnieG February 24, 2006
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a grouping of words from a blog or site (usually tags) with the most-frequently-used words in the larger, bolder font. the visual effect of the grouping is that of a cloud.
David was mad when he saw your blog's word cloud. It showed "David" in a small font, and "Bob" in a large, bold font. David knows you don't blog about him as often as you blog about Bob.
by BonnieG February 17, 2006
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