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Penis Vial is a vial where you put your penis wich becomes a penis vial during that act.
Penis vials are for no use, only entertainment.
1. My penis is stuck in a penis vial.
by BobProductions August 02, 2008
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Spider Rape is when a spider, is harrasing a human in a chain of acts. Mostly the female side of the human body?

Spider Rape is very common on islands like Austrailia, Denmark, Japan, Liechstenstein and some others.
The act spider rape occurs because of the following:
A: A spider is has ben set loose by a crazy maniac.
B: A spider has been killed. (Wich leads to a vendetta performed by fanatics in spider costumes)
C: Microsoft sells a computer.
1. Spider rape is bad! "Arnold from California"
2. MARYYY, get mah gun! There are spiders doing spider rape on the corn field!
3. Spiderman, nuff said. Kirsten is being raped.
by BobProductions August 02, 2008
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Buttbro is when the person in question, is being buttbroed in the butt region by a "bro" (Mostly a friend at the same age).
Mostly taken place in private school all over the world.
1. Lets do some buttbroing?
2. Have you seen my buttbro?
3. Hi buttbro.
4. Get mah gun, there's buttbroes on the corn field doing buttstuff...
by BobProductions August 02, 2008
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