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The best current generation console available. People complain about it because they couldn't wait for it to come out and wasted their money on an Xbox 360 or a Wii. They bitch about blu-ray, but it actually means that games with better playability and graphics will become available. Current software is pretty poor as its only just been released, but within a years time there will be some kick-ass games out.
Person 1 "The playstation 3 sucks ass, its far too expensive cos they put blu-ray on it."
Person 2 "Wait 'til Gran Turismo HD comes out, then you'll shut your mouth. If it didn't have blu-ray you'd have to have 50 different DVDs for each decent game. You only hate cos you can't afford it- you should have worked harder at school!"
by Bob with the big nob April 09, 2007
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