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Ferrari, one of the most respected high quality sports cars for the rich and highly sophisticated. Im not talking a cheap ass 308 gts which I can find on ebay for 20,000$. Im Talking about the 575m with tan hides and F1 shifting with the shields on the side of the car. Im talking about 800$ oil changes and changing the tired after driving 2,000 miles. Nothing big right? A USED 575m right now is about 165,000$. You can get about 5 BMW 3 series,or 2 Porsche Carrera, or 15 honda insights. To drive a ferrari, you need to have pride. Many of the guys who get them, just whip out a check book. Often for ferrari owners is to have fleets of them, maybe 8 or so. If you are a real car enthusaist. ferrari porsche and maybe maserati use the same face plate for there stereo.
Man 1- I just bought my 308 gts this weekend, rossa corsa red with black hids. Its amazing man

Man 2- thats nice... even though i have a couple 355's and a brand new F430, and my 575m. I guess you can call yours a ferrari. I compare it to a porsche boxster... yeah it has the porsche name on it, but is it really a porsche? By the way gts stands for Got To Sell.
by Bob m April 17, 2006
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