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A wrestling fan who realizes that wrestling is scripted, but still watches it and enjoys it. A smark uses "insider" terms like push, bury, kayfabe, heel, job, etc. , and usually acts in an arrogant manner towards other fans. To be a true smark, you must:

- Hate John Cena wholeheartedly and constantly wine about he only has 5 moves and has a stale character
- Support CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan, and claim that they deserve better, even when they are champion
- Constantly yell out annoying phrases at WWE shows like "Believe in the Shield!"
- Live in either NYC, Chicago, Philly, Toronto, or London
- Insist on chanting "JBL" even when there is an interesting match going on
- Constantly post spoilers on websites, and then complain when somebody else spoils something for you

All in all, they're just enthusiastic fans who want a better product
Joe- Mark
Carl- Smark

Example 1:

Joe: "Hey, Carl, did you see that impressive Attitude Adjustment John Cena just hit on Mark Henry? He's never done that before! I love John Cena, he's the best! He always overcomes the odds!!!"

Carl: ".... Are you an idiot?"

Example 2:

Joe: "I think Shemaus, Cena, and Big Show are great!"

Carl: "Screw you. Go Punk, Ziggler, and Bryan! They should be pushed!"
by Bob The Guy September 27, 2013

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Greatest Of All Time. Used very loosely, more so to describe anything even remotely good. This word is derived from the word "goat", an animal, "goat" being derived from "got", which is derived from "Zlatan Ibrahimovic".
That Capra aegagrus hircus is very GOAT.
by Bob The Guy February 06, 2014

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