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Someone who is always saying the wrong thing at the absolute WORST TIME.
"You know I didnt pack any underware for this trip."
"Are you telling me your wearing dirty underware?"
"No, im telling you im wearing my mothers underware!"
"YOU say the worst things at the worst time. Your a bad timer!"
by Bob Sakamano November 25, 2005
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A kid that lives across from me that has complete and utter disregard for personal hygiene, constantly smells of decomposing skin and bacteria, eats ogre style, leaving his hands drenched in ranch dressing, never cleans his laundry and wears filthy clothing. This individual does not have the ability to interact well with others due to his slow slurred speech, and wandering eyes. This individual is balding, and the hair he does have, resembles animal fur. He is truly "lost in the sauce"
"Dude, you have ranch dressing all over you hands and face! Your a complete soup sandwich!"
by Bob Sakamano April 28, 2005
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