1 definition by Bob the Kagome hater

An annoying damsel in distress that constantly needs to be saved, she also lies and treats Inuyasha like a pet. She gets jealous of Kikyou all the time and constantly meddles, and just plain annoying and must die off the show
"Why would he wanna come and get YOU when your always biteing peoples heads off!" Souta to Kagome

"Good,i'm tired of always having rescue you all the time!"-Inuyasha to Kagome

"Quit your complainin' or i'll leave you on that boat!"-Inuyasha to Kagome

Inuyasha: Hmm she's talking in her sleep, she's dreaming about me?
Inuyasha: *clinches fist about to punch her* her dream is my nightmare!
by Bob the Kagome hater November 12, 2005