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An impenetrable barrier made from the extraction of purified potential energy from anything mith a molecular composition. It has three methods of performance: (1) Reflect- It abosorbs the object as well as its kenetic energy, and reforms it from out of the barrier at the exact opposite trajectory with the converted kinetic energy.

(2) Absorb- It absorbs all the nullspace energy within the object, as well as converting the mass of the object into energy. All energy is converted into a compatible energy form that will not corrupt the flow balance.

(3) Top Secret

(4) Prototye Phase, Top Secret

Additional info-

It can be set to act as a filter, allowing some objects through but not others.

It looks kinda like this in IRC: @
My Nullspace Energy Shield transcends all possiblity of my defeat, and thus I am untouchable.
by Bo The Destroyer September 29, 2003
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adjective - The art of being a cliche plot device whore. (See also: Squeenix)

adverb - Squeenishly
-Garland sent the 4 fiends to the present from 2000 years ago so that they could be defeated and he could gain there power in a Squeenish time loop.

-Cecil is a Dark Knight and Squeenishly becomes a Paladin. He's also, Squeenishly enough, from the moon and Golbez's brother.

-When she was defeated, Ultamecia used the last bit of her power to go back in time and pass on her powers to Edea, Squeenishly sealing her fate in the first place.

-Tidus was from a Squeenish dreamworld.
by Bo the Destroyer December 10, 2004
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1. Any and all of them, old and new.
Yo yo, I'm a rapper, bling bling bling, shizzle nizzle fizzle, dont be haten', word. ~ From an actual retard attempting poetry ("rap"-per)
by Bo The Destroyer September 06, 2004
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