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An all girls high school located on the South Shore that encourages all of best qualities in high school girls: being snobby, caddy, and lacking all self esteem. Like many catholic schools, at Notre Dame, being different is not only looked down upon by the faculty, but also by the students. Run like an internment camp, Notre Dame offers one of the worst all around educations you could get for $12,000/year. Not doing your homework and not dressing like everyone else are two of the worst things that could destroy your "social life." The only social life those who go there have is hanging out with overtly homosexual BC High boys whose complete lack of knowledge about the opposite sex is only comparable to the girls at Notre Dame
Notre Dame Academy Girl 1: So...what are we doing tonight?
Notre Dame Academy Girl 2: Lets do what we always do, get drunk, drive our parents BMW and pick up some BC High guys.
by BlumpkinPumpkin November 20, 2005

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