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used to describe women who, in any other scenario would be considered a "5" (out of 10). Because of their captive audience (business school men) and the disproportionately low number of women in business school in general, and even lower proportion of single women to single men in business school, they generally attract levels of attention previously unfathomable (in the "real" world).
Q: "Is she hot or business school hot?"

A: "Well, considering her average to slightly above average looks, she is most definitely business school hot."


BlueDevil1: "Dude, I was just in New York for interviews and realized that we are in a b-school bubble in Durham!"

BlueDevil2: "What do you mean?"

BlueDevil1: "That First Year, you know, the 'hot' one from D-Mods?"

BlueDevil2: "Yea?"

BlueDevil1: "She's not REALLY hot, just business school hot."

See law school hot and med school hot
by BlueDevilDick 2013 December 31, 2014
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