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If you are ever lucky enough to meet a Phuong in your life, prepare to meet the girl of your dreams. She has everything going for her: Beauty, Intelligence, and Kindness. The holder of the name Phuong will most likely be Vietnamese and will know how to use her Asian persuasion to get what she wants. She's a class act but is sexy as hell - the lady in the street but a freak in the sheet type. She will blow your mind with her intelligence. You would probably never guessed she had a genius mind for you would be too busy staring at her hot body. It's okay, she won't hold it against you but you better shape up, because she only likes men who are as smart as she is. Be warned, you may try your hardest to get with her, but she expects and deserves only the best. She holds impeccable moral standards.

Phuong knows how to accept a challenge and overcome any obstacle life may throw at her. She is open-minded enough to listen and to trust, but has experienced enough life to see through your bullshit. She'll support your interests and beliefs but will stand her ground to uphold hers.
Phuong has a the right sense of adventure and cherishes her alone time. She loves a good sense of humor and engaging in deep thought.
She is never shallow and knows that beauty comes from within.
Phuong is a trend-setter and a go-getter; always a leader and hardly ever a follower.
Phuongs are diamonds in the rough; they are priceless.
Guy1: Yo, who's that dime?

Guy 2: Her name is Phuong...she's hot and smart, bro. Yo, I heard she is a freak but you can't tell because she's classy as hell.

Guy 1: Damn, I need some Phuong in my life.
by BlondeSurferDude February 20, 2013

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