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Originally founded as breakdance.com by President Tane in 1998, Bboy.org is an English-speaking internet forum community where b-boys, poppers, MCs, and graffiti writers congregate. With membership spanning the globe, The Org is regarded as the foremost online hub for absolute beginners and seasoned amateurs alike. It features a constantly growing photo and video gallery, a reputation system for bestowing nominal respect, and The King of BBoy.org (KOBO), an annually held online battle tournament. Since its inception, sub-forums and headings have been created or deleted to serve the community's needs. The YouTube Video Gallery, for example, is a primary result of this discretion.

Fact: Accounts cannot be deleted by users. Gone84 designed the current handstyle logo. E-boys, biters, tutorial whores, haters, trolls, and stupid ass questions abound. Mods are lazy.
90% of responses to any video or thread:
i'm new to bboy.org song name polz
by Blizzast March 25, 2011
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