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A Shorter Replacement To The Word "Though" Commonly Used By 6ix Mans Or Wannabe 6ix Man Wasteyutes Such As: Bramladeshians, SaugaManz, BeadassBimberland Boys (New Yorkers) & Kitchener White Bois. The Word Styll Is Commonly Misused And Is Said After Sentences Needing The Word Still Rather Than Styll.
Proper Use: "Shordie A Baddie Styll"

Improper Use: "This Ain't It Chief Styll"
Use In Sentence: Nigwap #1: Yo Fomily Whats The Motive Today?

Nigwap #2: Getting This Bread

Nigwap#1: Ahlie What About The Shordies We Gone Clap Styll?

Nigwap#2: Chill Vrodeine Ur Manz Here Ain't Tryn Catch Clam Media

Nigwap#1: Facts Chief No Need For A Sophie Brusseaux Accident.

Nigwap#2 Splendid Back To Sippin Tea My Nigga
by Bleachy Clean October 16, 2018