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A show on CBS where a criminal investigation re-ignites because of some new lead or perhaps by request (A cold case). The show then goes like this:

1. The crew of investigators find the person that looks most suspicious, and come up to them with arms crossed, circling them in the "we know what you did" kind of way and insinuate that they are murdering bastards, at which point suspicious person dumps suspicion onto another person, presenting a motive or scenario that makes you say "oh, I get it, it's that other dude". Repeat 14 times until they find the real criminal, episode ends.
"So, Shady McStabbinsworth, we hear you were angry after getting beat in that tennis match."

"Not as much as the Team Captain, girl who beat me stole her boyfriend and was an expert in whatever thing was used to murder the victim."

"Oh, we'll go talk to them."

- Cold Case
by Blargh56q65257 August 13, 2006

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