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A relatively large suburb of Rochester NY. Where a majority of the people are middle class, white collar workforces. Most parents either work for Kodak or Xerox. The town is separated in two, either you live on the Thomas HS side, or the Schroeder HS side. The Thomas HS is in a nicer location and many people strive to live north of 104 so their kids can enroll in that side of the district. Schroeder...not so much. Thomas has a general advantange in most sporting events unlike Schroeder who, in technical terms "sucks at life". When somebody says you live in "The Bluffs", many people hate you instantly because you have that much money and you can't move someplace nicer...you dumbass. Webster is primarily your typical, white kid suburb...with no ghettos whatsoever, and still we have those kids who are in denial of their lack of pigment. Webster is also one of the fastest growing towns in New York State. Its schools are in the top 500 schools in the country, a whopping 498th. Webster is your typical town, and where "life is worth living"
Webster, NY is where life is worth living...most of the time
by Blank24 September 04, 2006

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