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An elite school wherein only the awesomest of the awesome are accept to attend. The curriculum is treacherous, because it is truely diffucult to live up to the school's highest standards of awesomeness. Not all who attend will graduate, but those who do have truely achieved something great.

There is an elite gang of girls known as the Big Wheel Bitches that is comprised of only the the awesomest of the awesomest graduates of the School of Awesome.
You wish you could graduate from the School of Awesomeness.
by Bitter Red June 13, 2008

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A gang of girls that all graduated from the elite School of Awesomeness.

Chances are you will never be able to be in this elite group, because you most likely barely graduated from the School of Mediocre.

The Big Wheel Bitches are so freakin' awesome, you wish you could be one, but most likely you can't and never will be.
by Bitter Red June 12, 2008

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A totally freakin' awesome party thrown by the Big Wheel Bitches.

Bitches, Bands, Beers, Booze, Bikes and Cars. What more could ask for?
Hey, Ricky Bobby? You hear 'bout them bitches throwin' that there party called the Bitches Bash?

Yep, Cletis, I sure did and you can bet yer ass, me and all my friends are gonna be there on May 16th at the Last Great Waternig Hole in Tucker GA. I hear them bithces is crazy and I love me some crazy bitches!
by Bitter Red March 20, 2009

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