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A term for a Black person which people of all races still take great offence to. It is often used by black people instead of words like "homie" or "home dawg" in ebonics.

While it was used as an offensivve and derogatory term, it actually origins from the spanish/portugese: "Negro", which in turn gets its routes from the LATIN: NIGER, meaning black.

DO NOT USE THIS TERM IN PUBLIC. You will probably be arrested for racial offences, or have your head kicked in.
Black man to Black man:

"Sup Nigga?"

"sup ma Homie? how've you been?"

White Man to Black man:

"Sup nigga?"


Either black/white close friends:
"Hey nigga!"
"ahhh...my white cracka"
by Biscuitz September 19, 2011

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