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A bloated and bulbous creature that came from the outer reaches of space. This creature enjoys sticking foreign objects up it's waste disposal hole in order to gross out those who anger it. The GE Cafe also enjoys viewing horrible sketch comedy shows and annoying those who post on internet messageboards
So I saw the GE Cafe creature and it was hideous. The thing had a penis shaped metal rod coming out of it's rear end! Plus it's tits sagged down so low to the ground that they looked like another pair of legs
by Bird boy October 02, 2006
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The extreme desire for a hamburger. Can be experienced while not physically hungry.
Person 1: I'm not really that hungry but man, I am Burgin like a mothafucka. Let's stop at McDonalds

GE: Nigga please. I been burin' since tha day I was born
by Bird boy July 19, 2007
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A city that has been in the planning stages for over a decade. It's a futuristic city made out of Tanks, high powered weaponry and clowns. Lots and lots of clowns. Construction is scheduled to be complete in the year 3076.
This is not just a city

by Bird Boy January 09, 2010
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