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A religion that branches off of peganism, that focuses on white magick, therefore decieving many people that it is ok to practice, because it does not involve black magick. They apperantly do not worship Satan because they don't believe in him. They worship the sun (god), moon (goddess), trees, sticks, rocks, pondscum, and other a/biotic things. They play with demons so they can enchance their life (i.e. get a date, pass a test, get a raise, etc.), and entice others to join with the promise of power. They are mildly persecuted (although they want you to think that they are heavily persecuated), and love to bring up the "witch hunts" done by the Catholic church in the midevil era. They strive to be at one with nature, and generally believe in reincarnation or becoming inanimate with the impersonal cosmos. They will also violently refute the idea that they gained many youth recruits because of Harry Potter, even though their own studies show that the number of youth between ages 12-18 showing an interest in Wicca has skyrocketed since the release of the Harry Potter series. They have no book of their religions (officially), but they do have a large library of their teachings, written by various other Wiccans (mostly female). They do have a "black book" of various spells and incantations (which are like prayers, only completely different; prayers are to God and incantations are to a/biotic things and demons). Many ex-Wiccans testify that when they tried to leave Wicca, they experienced extreme supernatural trauma. Some believe in fairies and sprites and many other happy things. They are ok to befriend because they are much less likely to curse you than most other pegan religions.
C: So you like spells and stuff?

L: Oh, it's raining. The water spirits must be happy.
P: No, it's probably because the percipitation in the atmosphere is so condensed that it falls.
by Billy the Adult June 20, 2006
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