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The best game in the world, closely followed by Rugby Union and League.
Incredibly fast paced, creative game. Basically 7 a side Rugby Union but the main objective is possession, not territory.
It is played on a full-sized pitch, but with only 7 players on each team. Therefore there is a lot more space and the game is about throwing the ball around to someone with a 1 on 1(every 7s player can easily take advantage of that situation) who then steps, runs and scores
If you like football more than rugby, firstly you are a pussy -wank -bucket -anal -juice -licking -batty -head -amateur, but if you watch a 7s tournament on ITV2 see if you don't change your mind.
Did you see that rugby sevens tournament?
Yeah, there was this guy who wrote a definition of 7s on urban dictionary. He was amazing. He runs the 100m in 2.18 seconds.
Yeah, wanna beer?
by Billy Whizz May 25, 2006

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One of the most incredible bands of all time. Many people judge them by some of the latest albums which aren't half as good as the early songs. Best songs include:livin' on a prayer, these days, just older, mystery train, in these arms, bed of roses, damned, diamond ring and so much more I can't name them. One of the few non-druggy bands around.
Some Guy with a good grasp of English: Bon Jovi are wicky-bo init
Another guy:Aye, man...dey is kickin.
by Billy Whizz June 03, 2006

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