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When a company, more often a large corporation, fires you in a way that has some parallels to the way members of a mob are killed. Usually involving a seemingly normal scheduled meeting (that is actually a firing meeting) where you walk into an unforeseen trap of one or more members of management waiting there for you before proceeding to terminate you from your job. The firing often follows a party, or a meal for all of the employees and sometimes you will not be allowed to go back to your desk to gather your things.
*message pops up on computer: “just a reminder that we have a meeting scheduled in the conference room at 3:00. Come in once you’ve finished eating your pizza and wings we got for the department”

Walks unsuspectingly into Conference room to see several members of Management and an HR rep.

“We’re going to have to let you go” ... “what, why?! What did I do?”... “Ok. Well,I’ll go gather my things, I guess”

“There’s no need for that, we’ll mail them to you”

... “So first you feed me, and then you fire me?!”

Talks to friend later “Dude, I got Mob Style Fired Today. First they fed me, and then they called me into a trap meeting where they fired me and told me they would mail me my things I left at my desk. It was like what happens in a mob movie, bro”
by BillsMafia89 December 8, 2020
Slang for a bmw or a beamer
In rapper Joyner Lucas’ song: “Zim-Zimma, who got the keys to my motherfucking Beamer?
by BillsMafia89 December 2, 2020