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A fun game to play with your friends. The goal is to tap an unsuspecting person on the shoulder or pull on their bag. When they turn around, you say a generic cold call.
Person one: "hey bro. Watch this."

Person two: "Alright."

*Person two pulls on a bystanders bag*

Person three: "huh?"

Person one: "have you or a loved one been misdiagnosed with mesothelioma? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation."

Person two: "classic. You just pulled a Real life cold call."
by Bigjuicytatas June 15, 2017
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A quite horrible and cruel prison weapon used against inmates. It consists of boiling water and dissolved sugar boiled in a kettle. The effect of this is similar to napalm and melts skin away in a matter of seconds.
Guard 1: "did you see the rioters yesterday? Threw the napalm treatment right at an inmates face!"

Guard 2: "he isn't getting any ladies any time soon."
by Bigjuicytatas May 27, 2017
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A British term, commonly used in rap videos. Used to describe an expensive vehicle that is from a classier country than England

The term is widely misused for cars that are indeed foreign, but still shitty.
Person 1: Yo mate I got a foreign whip with turbo innit. (Thinking it's on par with a Lamborghini)

Person 2: Yeah. that Renault Clio really makes you sophisticated man. You gonna flex those Halfords stick on rims in your newest video?
by Bigjuicytatas January 11, 2018
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