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Ryson is the cool kid in the group. He makes his peers and classmates laugh all the time as he is very comedic. He is super chill and a great person to strive for and to be friends with. Be like a ryson . (Lucky’s gay). He is a lady’s killer which all the girls say. Some may even say he’s a player. “He has a huge dick” which most girls say.
Bro be more like a Ryson.
Bring rysons to the party bro!
by Bigboto808 October 29, 2018

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Gail is another word for bitch and it also means that, that person is a bum
Can I come to your party?
Nah fam u Can’t come
Ahhhh, your such a gail tbh
by Bigboto808 October 26, 2018

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