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1.Official currency of the state of Israel, as of February 2020 the exchange rate is 3.43 shekels on the dollar
2. Term used by righties LARPing as jews to imply that someone who disagrees with them is a shill and their opinion is invalid
Ex1: "Hey do you know where I can get some shekels? I'm going to be visiting Israel soon"

P1:"*something liberal*"
P2: "Have a shekel, goy!"
by BigPP rockboi February 16, 2020

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1. The official currency of Israel, as of September 2019 1 USD = 3.54 ILS


(At the airport) Where can I exchange dollars for shekels?

2. A term used by people right of center online as a reason to disregard other people's opinions for reasons of being a paid shill (Shill gambit). Widely used on 4chan
Liberal: We need gun control!
Republican: Have a shiny shekel goy!
by BigPP rockboi September 11, 2019

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