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When person 1 spikes person 2's drink and once person 2 passes out, has their hand used to give a hand job to person 1. This is a variation on "The Stranger" technique of masturbation in that it uses an actual stranger.
Joe: My drink got spiked last night and when I woke up I had semen all over my hand.

Jeff: Ohhh man, looks like someone just got nailed by a "Drug & Tug"
by BigDing August 18, 2011

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When a controversial conversation takes place on facebook and another person linked to the subject matter is "dragged" into the conversation and "tagged"
Example Drag & Tag

Friend 1: Mmm beer, its a beautiful thing!!

Friend 2: So is your Mum

Friend 1: Mum (FRIEND 1'S MUM is tagged here) my mate thinks you are a beautiful thing hahah shame Friend 2 :P
by BigDing August 18, 2011

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