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v. To play the fucking best game in the entire world, COD4, or the still fucking awesome but not as good COD5. Both of these terms short for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty 5: World at War. Codding is the sole reason that teenage boys have horrible, shitty grades, does not go out of the house on Sundays, otherwise known as Holy Sabbath day of Codding. On occasion, many highschool teenage boys will pull a codding binge on a certain weekend already chosen by the codders of the school. The players will then play COD all weekend long with there Codding partners. But Codding is very fucking sweet, I just wish that I didn't waste my life. There is a prediction that as soon as COD 6, AKA Modern Warfare 2 comes out, many codders will indeed Jizz in there pants and there will be a sharp spike in Codding it up.
Dave: Dude we have to go codding sumtime this weekend nig
John: Yah, we should go codding Sunday since I have no plans that day. Ill have time then to open a can of COD whoopass on yo bitch ass
Dave: Alrighty then bro, Im gonna be codding from 6.am to about 8.pm. I will take breaks though for food, and masturbation
John: I shall do the same, Did you see the Modern Warfare 2 trailer?
Dave: Yes I did, I almost made it through the video, but then I jizzed my pants,
John: I jizzed my pants too Dave, I just wish i had better Stamina because I led my load out about 1:29 in.
Dave: Oh well, one day well be able to watch it without jizzing in our pants. We have to train though.
John: I love codding so much
by BigAmmo July 23, 2009

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