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1. The newest and dumbest idea (as of 2012) by Calvin Broadus to synergize his 3 loves; Whoring himself out to the recording industry, making copius amounts of money off people who have no other drive than to do drugs and him the poverty line as low as possible, and finally to further mastering the art of song writing with as little talent as possible.

2. An offensive attempt by the aforementioned Broadus to move away from a stagnating rap career and into a genre based largely on a religion he has shown no mastery of or belief in except for tenets relating to drug use and hatred of Caucasians. The latter tenet was largely abandoned as the religion evolved from infancy. Something Broadus himself still struggles to do.
Q: Did you hear that new Snoop Lion CD?

A: Yep, it was shit. It was so bad Bob Marley's ghost killed himself. This is OK, but people get mad at white rappers for having no credibility. FML!
by BigAl559 August 01, 2012

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