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Euphemism. ...to make sexual advances towards a lady that owns said breed of dog

"Girl, they are SO cute! .....so when are you gonna let me come over and. ..fuss your pugs? "

"You even LOOK AT me again I'll call the police you fucking rapey twat "

"Alrighty then......"
Fuss your pugs......a euphemism

"Check out that FINE woman walking her dogs and shit! I'd give my right arm to be fussing those pugs "
by Big Kev Dial December 30, 2018
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Shit marks is a very serious case of skids, suffered by the victim for most of his adult life
"Damn Steve....what the fuck is that brown mark on the back of your jeans?"

"Er.....I sat on a caramac mate"

"Like fuck you did....You've got shit marks again haven't you?"

by Big Kev Dial December 31, 2014
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