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Someone who is extremely annoying and needs to be put in their place.

Also can refer to someone who likes to "flip" a conversation to their favor.

Used most often where cursing and offensive language is prohibited. Most appropriate in cafeterias and kitchens.
Stop touching my stereo you dumb Spatchula!

Put down my Spatula you Spatchula!

I wanted to invite her to the party but she was being such a Spatchula last week.
by Bialystock February 15, 2010

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Bagels that weren't made in New York and therefore aren't real bagels.
Ew, you think I'm gonna eat bagelz from this Dunkin Donuts in Cincinnati?

OMG, after moving to New York I love bagels! Bagelz suck!
by Bialystock February 16, 2010

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