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Definition for a very dumb boi that molests five-year-old kids. These unique subspecies are very dangerous and are also very incredibly nosy and won't mind their own business. This subspecies will hurt, offend, molest, and bully small kids of the age of 5+.

They are known for being incredibly addicted to very dirty video games and steal their parent's credit cards to spend money on the game.
Every time you see these Triangle heads, they would always be with some sort of assistant. This assistant is usually very fat and dumb.
If you call a Triangle head themselves a "Triangle head”, they will get very mad and run at you attempting to kill you. ( Their only attack move is pinching and kicking.)
Me: *Whispering* Hey dude bla bla bla
Friend: *Whispering* ha ha yea bla bla bla…
Triangle head: TALKING BOUT ME???? HMMM?
Me: no
Friend: Yea, triangle head, piss off!
Me: Of course, a natural habit of a triangle head...
by Bernymasturbating1269 June 18, 2019
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A stupid boy who always has a weird boner 24/7. Every single day he masturbates out in the open in public on the streets. He has been arrested over 2169 times by the Australian federal police department. He has been famous for humping Jutsin Biber.
E.g 1- Yo what up Bern the bich :) :)
E.g 2- Bern the bich is raping dogs, raping dogs, raping dogs, Bern the bich is raping dogs, hes a faggot....(Parody to old McDonald)
by Bernymasturbating1269 April 29, 2019
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