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43rd president of the United States and subject of much controversy.

He was elected with a minority of the popular vote and a highly disputed electoral vote in Florida (won by a few hundred votes), and many citizens refer to him as "stealing the election".

He presided over the country after the attacks of September 11th and subsequently overthrew the governments of Afghanistan (in direct response for said attacks) and Iraq (on the premise of enforcing UN regulations on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction). The invasion of Iraq was enacted without the support of the UN itself and was fraught with controversy. The most common accusation is that Bush invaded Iraq for its oil supplies (aside from insulting his intelligence).

Bush's record during the Vietnam War has also been called into question. Bush served in the Texas National Guard air corp, but accusations have been raised about him showing up for duty. This controversy cannot be solved, as the records which applied to Bush's service were lost while they were transfered from microfilm to computer.

George W. Bush may be the most hated president of all time. Only history can tell what he has accomplished.
Examples of anti-Bush slogans
"No Blood for Oil"
"Hail to the Thief"
by Benjamin1986 August 27, 2004

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1: A potion or mixture, supposedly having magical properties.
2: In video games: a potion that, when used, completely restores health and mana.
1: This elixer will grant me eternal life if I can only find how to brew it.
2: Wow, my character is about to die; I had better drink this elixer.
by Benjamin1986 August 28, 2004

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