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UK equivilant of High School in the USA, and some other countries.

Ages range from 11-18 (Years 7-13). Most students leave after their GCSE's in Year 11 to go to college or start working, others stay on in school and do the more harder A-Levels in Sixth Form (Year 12/13), which most then go onto university.
As much as I hate secondary school, I realize I need to succeed in it to do what I want in the future.
by Ben (Reprography) January 10, 2009
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Actually a legal and vital life drug, even if it's not recognised as one, it's still technically one.

DEFINITION OF DRUG: "Any substance intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals."

You need FOOD, a substance, to function therefore it is a drug, and it can change the structure of your body too, literally.

Like other drugs; food can be addictive. Just look at obese people, and like other drugs, it can be avoided. Just look at anorexics.

For some people, eating can make you feel happy, and like all drugs and over-dosing; over-eating leads to negative consequences (obesity, which can mean heart diseases, etc.)

People need food like pothead needs weed, like perverts need sex, and like alcoholics need vodka and whiskey.
by Ben (Reprography) December 17, 2008
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A place, although it's boring, everyone loves to bitch about, whilst actually failing to acknowledge that you need to succeed in school to into any college, university, and 90% of good paying careers.
Jimmy dropped out because he was "too cool for school". Jimmy now has a wonderful career at Burger King, and suffers a lot from boredom and depression.
by Ben (Reprography) January 10, 2009
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