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Kendi can be the type of person who can be nice or a major asshole. Though Kendi may seem like a overly dramatic, annoying person, they actually the can be the most sweetest person you ever know.

They can always be by your side if you fall, and take hits for you like no else can.

Though like any other person, they too can have their own dark moments, and as they seem tough and badass on the outside, they are deeply sensitive in the inside.

Some Kendi's generally hates people, others find people fun to be around with.

Kendi can also be lazy, and not want to be bothered with other people.

They love food, animals, friends or people they can trust.

But everyone has their flaws.

Most Kendi's can be selfish, annoying, and very greedy.

But unlike any other person they always got your back if needed, but almost rarely protect their own self.
"Kendi is such a caring person, we need more people like that in this world"
by Beloved_Otaku_ARMY13 October 18, 2018

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