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Sequim, Washington. A trash-can-esque town located near the bowls of Hell. It is known for its Vampires, hippies, potheads, and Lavender Festival. The weather in Sequim rarely gets above cold. The original definition of Hell was a place devoid from the warmth of God's love. If this is the case, then Sequim is truely Hell. It has a tendancy to not only be cold in temperature, but in nature as well. Sequim is the third most popular place to retire in the United States. However, peoples souls die off quickly once arriving in Sequim, yet, often people do not realize this until it is far too late...they moved here as retirees, and were nearly dead to begin with. The city is quickly becoming larger in size, and no one seems to be able to figure out how they or anyone found this place and/or actually got there. This feeling leaves most people emotionally disturbed.
"I just moved to Sequim from Kansas City, this place is a trash-can from the bowls of Hell!"
"Woa! Dude OMG! I just moved here from Kansas City too!"
"How the hell did you find this place?"
"Dude, My parents are fucked up...I have no idea"
"Dude, I had a mental break down, and got brainwashed into staying!"
"Cool...wanna go smoke this pound of weed I just bought?!"
by Bella The Unicorn November 11, 2007

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