Fucking ass load of weed 16 ounces in a pound starting at 1000 and going up from there. Depending on the quality of the weed. Also known as a brick.
Hey dawg I need a brick of some stress

Hey I need a pound of some bomb shit

Hello good sir I would like a pound of marijuana or as you might know it in the "hood" weed

Pound of weed
by Paco ortiz February 10, 2008
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A pound of weed is a 1000 g's where it goes normally for 10 dollars a g. A pound of weed would get you a major discount and depending on the seller could range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 although, if you buy it separately 1g at a time will reach $10,000.
by Davdi January 19, 2018
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