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Shenieces make amazing friends. They are very bright and they are always happy and smiling. Shenieces are fun to be around and are always willing to give a hand. Shenieces are funny and they seem innocent at times but usually their not. Shenieces are great singers and has a very good smile. Shenieces are really good friends and they are always there for their own friends. Shenieces are very easy going and you can tell them anything. Shenieces are very nice and will do anything for you. Shenieces would make very good girlfriends even if you don't know it!
Person 1: She that girl over there? I heard she's she very nice and always keeps people smiling!

Person 2: I know, its true I met her!

Person 1: Her name must be Sheniece!

Person 2: It is!
by BelievesInYou February 19, 2011
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