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The most beautiful person you will ever meet. She has a good personality and body. Shes the type of girl to brag about when dating her. She’s funny, nice, pretty, and smart. She hardly sleeps, but can still look like a model in the morning. If you have a Belda in your life and you let her go it will be the biggest mistake of your life. You can tell her anything and she will always be really understanding. I love you Belda.
Beldas thicc
by Beldas my gf February 17, 2019
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Guadalupe is literally the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. When she smiles you will just get lost in her beauty and when she laughs it will melt your heart. Her eyes are so dreamy and her voice is like your favorite song being played over the radio. Shes so funny, kind, cute, and super fun to have around. Losing her will be the biggest regret in your life and just being able to know a Guadalupe means your lucky. Guadalupe is someone you’ll want to keep close in you heart and be careful because it’s so easy to fall in love with her. Keep her around because she’s just so amazing and perfect <3
Guadalupe is perfect stfu leo
by Beldas my gf October 30, 2019
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