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Short for "Vaguely Amusing, Man"

Pronounced using a faux-American accent with particular emphasis placed upon drawling "Man" like a hip teenager

An acronym used to convey the partial to partial-moderate humour value of a previous statement.

Introduced by a select band of Glasgow South-siders who felt that the "lol" had been exhausted and simply did not offer enough variety. It worked fine and dandy if one literally was "laughing out loud" but there were various other occasions when this simply was not the case. To provide an alternative to the use of the "lol", "VAM" is used to suggest a less enthusiastic and active response to the previous words.

Currently being popularised by teenagers in schools across most of Scotland and spreading through niche groups on social networking sites such as Bebo and VamTalk.com.
eg 1

Michael: "Wow! A Dog"

Mark: "VAM"

Michael: "Wow! A Dog on a unicycle"

Mark: "Lol"

eg 2

Michael: "Dude, how lame is 'lol'"

Martin: "I know, lol. It's like it's lame"

Michael: "I know, how about VAM?"

Martin: "Mate, that's a pure lol"

Michael: "I know.... VAM"

eg 3

Michael: "Man, my dog just died after eating a pigeon"

Paul: "Lol"

Michael: "Mate, that's pure bang out so it is"

Paul: "Sorry dude,... VAM?"

Michael: "Better"

eg 4

Andrew: "How do you mis-spell 'van'?"

Michael: "Vam"

eg 5

Michael: "Oh look, a Vaguely Amusing Man"

Jack: "VAM"

eg 5

Michael: "Hey, have you seen the new Rambo?"

John: "Yeh, it was Vambo"
by Beat Master 2.1 March 06, 2010
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